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Bay Growth

6 May 2014 •  Uncategorized

2014 seems like the year when the rest of the world wakes up to what we residents already know: the Bay is one of the best places in the world to live. Not least because of its climate. As I write this in singlet, shorts and jandals much of the rest of New Zealand has…

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Understanding Management Rights

30 April 2014 •  Market Information

Management Rights should be a consideration if you are looking to get into the tourism industry. In brief I have highlighted the benefits/comparisons in regards to Motel Lease vs. Management Rights. Management Rights Management Rights in New Zealand have generally been built in high tourism areas. These complexes are genuine apartments with all the facilities…

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Should you use a Channel Manager?

11 October 2013 •  Motel Business

Channel Management What to expect from your Channel Manager If there was a way to increase your hotel’s occupancy and generate a higher volume of online bookings, all while saving time and resources you would want to know about it right? Well this technology does exist and it is called a channel manager, so if you want…

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Understanding Leases #2

6 September 2013 •  Market Information

Make Good: That is the term which defines the process by which the tenant shall repair the premises upon removal of the tenant’s fixtures. Net Rental: That is where the rent excludes other payments (outgoings) made by the tenant such asfor rates and insurance. Gross Rental: That is where the rent includes outgoings. Improvements Rent:…

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Motel Costs – Rents etc…..

26 August 2013 •  Motel Business

Most cost increases are outside our control but others can be negotiated. Rent for example is normally the largest cost for a motel operator, by a country mile. Historically there was a formula prevalent in the market which suggested that the gross income should be split a 1/3 rent, 1/3 running cost and a 1/3…

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Understanding Leases #1

15 August 2013 •  Market Information

Although with the advent of plain English drafting, commercial leases are arguably easier to understand now than once they were, they still manage to give rise to much confusion. I can still remember from my childhood the title of a pop song sung by an American called Johnny Tillotson. The song presumably about an object…

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Tripadvisor and your Motel

22 July 2013 •  Market Information

This is a classic ‘fly on the wall’ british youtube documentary about Trip Advisor and how it can affect a business. You will have number of mixed emotions while watching. Harness the power of Trip Advisor for your motel, management rights, hospitality business – turn the ables on this story!

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