Horticulture Investment

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  • Property Name: Horticulture Investment
  • Property Type: General Business
  • Price: POA
  • Region: Masterton
  • Listing: HC00165


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About this Business for sale in Masterton

A horticulture investment, situated in the historic Wairarapa town of Greytown, does it all. A fully integrated business, growing, packing, and exporting directly to the world.

The vision and drive of the owners has ensured the operation has gone from strength to strength, currently producing 220,000 cartons of ethically grown, residue-free pip-fruit annually.  Planting programmes have changed to suit market requirements, but total production figures are still expected to grow to 280,000 cartons in 2019, with ongoing growth predicted.

80 hectares of the orchard is covered with protective netting, minimising damage from weather vagaries – hail, frost, birds, sun, wind, insects and spray drift. This has paid huge dividends, both in terms of yield and quality of the fruit. A further 5 hectares will be covered by the end of this year.

The owners have invested in technology to enhance the operation, including a state of the art Compac grader (complete with pack-weight-optimiser) which enables pinpoint accuracy in both quality control, size selection and packing.

There is sufficient onsite cool storage for the entire crop, with Smartfreshing capability that helps ensure each of their customers’ specifications are being met. All the fruit is containerised on site and shipped to the world.

The fruit is marketed and sold under their own brand, which they created in 2003. Over the years the brand has become internationally synonymous with quality and consistency of supply and has proved a great asset when seeking and maintaining customers in the higher value overseas markets. Recently they have been signed up as the preferential supplier to Lufthansa.

The result – quality product, consistent supply, high demand, premium prices and a rosy outlook for the new owner.

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