Cycling shop – Sales are up 53% and going strong!

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  • Property Name: Cycling shop – Sales are up 53% and going strong!
  • Property Type: Retail Services
  • Price: $195,000
  • Region: Hawkes Bay
  • Listing: HC00101


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About this Business for sale in Hawkes Bay

Cycling is truly the ‘new black’. The industry is seeing a huge resurgence and the tills are ringing loud and clear. In the last 5 months an additional $148,000 has found its way into the coffers of this great cycle shop. They are so busy it is hard to keep stock on the shelves.

Kiwis have rediscovered the sheer joy of doing the simple things like going for a bike ride. Once you have your bike it is a free activity that can be indulged by each and every member of your family. Got a ‘bung’ knee – then it’s an E-bike for you. Whether it is cycling with the family for fun and a bit of exercise, riding to work to help save the planet or being a full-on competitive cyclist, this cycle shop caters for them all.

From pathway bikes to road bikes to E-bikes, they can sort it for you. The store stocks a large range of Giant bikes plus all the accessories you need or want.

A repair and maintenance workshop that is busy all year, completes the offering here.

Now is a great time to get into the cycle industry – sales are booming, and summer is coming, which is their truly busy time!!

Price $195,000 which includes $105,000 stock

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