Why Gordon Fridge & LINK?

When you employ Gordon Fridge to sell your business or property you access the nationwide LINK team and their buyers!

What can you expect?

As a vendor you are entitled to expect from your broker a high level of service which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Regular vendor reports – detailing all buyer contact and responses to your advertising.
  • Excellent communication – you will have regular personal contact and honest feedback.
  • The opportunity to promote the sale of your business/property in the very popular LINK Magazine – which always generates enquiry!
  • Considered advice and access to LINKs’ significant market data and analysis.

You should know that when I receive an enquiry about your property, all details are handled in a very confidential manner and I forward relevant information to the potential buyer ‘on the spot’ to ensure their interest remains focused on your property, rather than giving them the time and opportunity to ‘surf’ and consider other properties before viewing your property first! Listing your property with LINK and me in particular, will ensure your property has the widest possible coverage on the most widely accessed website.

Access to a team of nationwide Motel Brokers & BUYERS!

I am part of a nationwide team of experts – we speak to every potential buyer in the Country – and beyond!!

Along with my overview of the excellent service you are entitled to expect from me, if or when you are considering engaging me to sell your property/business, I would also like to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about me. My testimonials are largely shown right here – they say “a picture paints a thousand words”.

I have been involved in the real estate industry for a number of years and I am so pleased to be fast approaching my 13th year in the industry, but continue to have a fresh, high energy approach to my job.

It’s about marketing, smart thinking & my network of motel buyers.

I have a philosophy when I secure a listing – ‘LIST, SELL, SIMPLE!!’

I do my best to make it simple for you! However, it is not always that easy ‘behind the scenes’ with constant and regular communication with purchasers, accountants and solicitors and most importantly, you – the Vendor, in order to keep a transaction alive and 99% of the time I am successful in securing a sale for you.

If you are looking for a professional broker who works tirelessly for his vendor, a broker who will list and present your property or business to the market in the best possible way, with the widest coverage and exposure in order to achieve a maximum sale price in the quickest possible time, then you need to call me today!

I will assist you in determining the current market value of your business, and provide you with an individualised marketing strategy on how best to bring your business/property to the market. And very importantly – when I say I will give you a call, you can be sure you will get that call!! Don’t you just hate how often this is not the case!

Buyers Finance / Funding – we take control

As we know, one of the keys is to ensure that well-qualified purchasers have the necessary finance to be able to purchase your motel, management rights or business. LINK know what to do and are aware of the potential pit-falls when dealing with buyers, their accountants and bankers. Between our team of nationwide Brokers we close many deals annually that would otherwise fail to materialise – this is mainly because we employ the services of an industry specialist who has access to mainstream funding and mainstream interest rates. vendors can feel confident that this work behind the scenes ensures greater likelihood that the sale will proceed.